Our Mission

Why did I create this website, www.ohioworksnow.com?

I work for a healthcare company and one of my jobs is to hire new employees. I found this to be challenging when you are a small budget company because the job boards out there now can cost $$$$.
My mission was simple, create a job board for one state, one that is affordable and will be able to driver employees to open jobs while it says employers money.

I will not name the other sites but I had my fair share of paying $25 to one site per post and it never returned any results. So I tried bigger companies, spent much more money and was forwarded applications of people that were not looking for a job or had no interest in the job I was hiring for. With all that said I spent anywhere from $25-$150 per post for nothing.

That’s when I started this site. I started the site in June of 2017, right off the bat I started with a template that made the website not user friendly and was just very bad overall. So in January of 2018 I upgraded to a much better template that I am currently using now and it is great. However, in July of 2018, (I do all the website work myself) I added a feature to the site that I thought would be really nice and when I installed it, it destroyed the website, at that time I wanted to give up, but I didn’t. I rebuilt the site with no users or jobs again 6 months ago and it has been going strong since.

I have spent a good amount of money on this site. I have sent out many postcards, brochures and advertise almost everyday with ads on social media. This spring our ad will be in the Akron Rubberducks program and we also have an ad on Google Ads. My vision is simple, get my website name out to as many job seekers as possible, get them to my site and get jobs filled that are posted.

I did not create this site to get rich, I built this site to help all employers be able to fill job openings. Every post counts and will help the site grow. Once the site becomes a household name, it will be beneficial to so many people. I urge you to help by posting open jobs, I want to help businesses and you post will help me.

Thank you for your interest in Ohio Works Now and we hope to see you post!