By Alaina Silbaugh

Millions of Americans move every year, many of them relocating for
work. Are you among those that may be making this type of move?

Here’s why you should add Ohio to your list of
places to consider moving to.


Plentiful Work Opportunities 


The biggest concern would be, is there actually work in Ohio?


Short answer: Yes.


Whether you are looking for a job in an industry such as
manufacturing, healthcare, financial or technical, Ohio has it all.


From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, the perks Ohio offers to
companies makes it a great place for them to set up shop, which means more and more jobs are becoming available all
the time.


Of course, while having plenty of work to choose
from is great, there are other things to consider before relocating.


Affordable Cost of Living


One of the most important things to consider when moving is the
cost of living. Ideally, especially if you are selling your current house, you
want to move somewhere where you can get more house for your money.


Fortunately for you, Ohio is just such a place. This is a pretty
impressive feat for a state that has its fair share of populous cities.


In fact, according to a study by US News, Ohio is ranked
second in the nation for housing affordability.

In an April 2019 report done by CNBC, Columbus Ohio
is ranked in the top ten most affordable cities in the US.


Akron, Cincinnati, and Youngstown are a few mid-size cities that
frequently show up as some of the best affordable places to live.


And if small-town life is what you are craving, Van Wert and Delhi
Hills are listed among the most affordable small towns in the nation.


Great For Families


If you have a family or may start one in the future then look no further
than Ohio. With so many small to mid-size cities and towns, the options are


One example is the small town of Bowling Green. According to, Bowling Green is one of
the top ten places to raise a family. Being so close to the larger city of
Toledo, families have access to all the perks of city life, while being able to
live in a small town environment complete with great schools, beautiful parks,
and community festivals.


As far as education the number of colleges are plentiful, even in
the smaller towns. Of course, there is also the well known Ohio State
University which is practically its own town, being the third-largest campus in
the US.


Worried about there being a shortage of things to do in Ohio?



Have no fear. The bigger cities have aquariums, museums, orchestras, great restaurants, tons of breweries (for mom and dad) and of course football, football, football. Sports fans will have three different major sports teams to root for.


Since Ohio is one of the bordering states of Lake Erie, this gives
Ohioans a great place to visit in the summer. With various beaches and
campgrounds along the shore, as well as multiple islands you can visit.


Ohio is also home to one of the largest state fairs in the
country. And let’s not forget the infamous amusement park, Cedar Point, which
is a national attraction for roller coaster lovers everywhere.


Need more convincing to consider relocating to Ohio? Visit the job board to check out the employment
opportunities waiting for you!

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Five Reasons Why The Ohio Job Market Is Better Than You Think

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Five Reasons Why The Ohio Job Market Is Better Than You Think

by Alaina Silbaugh

There are many positive things about the great state of Ohio. But for some, finding a job has seemed like an impossibility. Although the unemployment rate in Ohio is slow to improve, the odds of finding a job is not a lost cause.

Here are five reasons why Ohioans need not despair in their job search:

Jobs, Jobs and More Jobs

 While it may not seem like it, the job market in Ohio is growing. Hard to believe? You can’t argue with the numbers. According to a report by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services: right now, and for at least the next six years, there are projected to be over 650,000 job openings annually!

That may seem like a crazy high number, but this projection is based on the number of people retiring every year in Ohio outpacing the number of people entering the job market. Which is good news for those looking for work.



Big Businesses = Big Job Market


The tax breaks afforded to businesses and companies wanting to set up shop in Ohio is a benefit to the job market as well. The more businesses that take advantage of the lower taxes and growing economy means more places that are looking to hire.

In fact Ohio is already home to the headquarters of some of the nations’ biggest companies. Just a few examples are: Procter and Gamble, Goodyear, Nationwide Insurance, Big Lots as well as the highly renowned and widely respected Cleveland Clinic.


No Degree? No Problem


While having a degree is always helpful, there are still plenty of jobs for those that do not yet have a degree or those who were not fortunate enough to attend college.

According to the earlier mentioned report, the fields with the most expected job growth in Ohio are the healthcare field (including personal care and technical support) as well as the service industry (including jobs in retail establishments, offices, social services etc). Many of jobs in these fields do not require a four year degree.


Industry Is King


In the past, the backbone of the industry in Ohio has always been manufacturing and innovation. Industries like rubber, steel, chemicals, and cars. In recent years there has been a definite shift in the types of jobs available. The focus now being more on healthcare, retail or office jobs.

The shift in attention to more “white collar” type work just means that the jobs in labor intesive fields (manufacturing, construction, farming, machining, custodial, mechanical, etc.) are getting harder and harder to fill. So even though the number of “blue collar” jobs seem to be shrinking, the demand for people with experience in these fields, or those willing to learn, is most definitely still there.


The Buckeye State of Mind


Finally, having the right attitude in your job search is always a good idea. If you think you have the next big idea or if you are just willing to work and not afraid to learn, then you will be successful in your quest for a job.

After all, Ohio has always been home to hard workers and original thinkers. The first man to fly a plane and the first man to walk on the moon were both Ohioans. And lets not forget Ohio is the birthplace of the hot dog and the home of the first baseball team!

So remember Ohio, the jobs are out there. If you have been looking for a job for a while or even if you are just entering the job market, there are a multitude of places to look. Check out the job listings in your area!

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Jobs in Ohio, summer is coming and Browns football

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Lets be honest for a moment, we don’t have any idea how to write a blog. However, a blog is the perfect way to get your website noticed so we are going to do our best!

Every where you turn it seems like there are jobs hiring in Ohio. If you are a job seeker in Ohio there is no better place to look than on our site, We built this website to pair good employees with great employers without sending fake applicants to apply like other job boards. We know everyone loves money so if you need a job in Ohio, this is the right site for you.

We promote our job posts to drive as many job seekers in your area to the specific job posted. We want our site to be successful and for it to be the leading job board in all of Ohio. This will take some time to accomplish but we are dedicated to making that happen. Finding jobs in Akron, Cleveland and all over Summit and Cuyahoga Counties has never been easier.

Lets now switch to summer. After what I would consider a mild winter here in NE Ohio, we have transitioned to Spring and Summer is right around the corner. We share the same thoughts as everyone, who wants to work in the summer? As adults we really do not have a choice with that, unless of course we are rich. With that said, there is no better place to find a new job than on Ohio Works Now. With the multiple job listings on our site, you can find that perfect job for you and still be able to enjoy the summer weather. Most people enjoy cookouts, boating, swimming and just being outside so why not find that perfect job that will give you the opportunity to still enjoy life? You can find that job at, find that job in Akron, Canton, Cleveland or all over Ohio.

Last I want to talk about how excited I am for this upcoming Browns season. For almost 20 years it has been had to watch the Browns but I am a real fan and never gave up. Is this the season we have been waiting for? It is too early to tell, I can’t wait for the season but I do not want to rush through summer to get to the football season. It will be exciting once the season does start, I will watch every game and root the Browns on like you can, find a job on that will allow you to have Sundays off!